Littering and Loitering temporarily concludes the works done in lieu of Kenneth Noland’s MIT mural, Here - There. Through the reaction to Here - Then and in response to the evidence put forth through Here - Then, Again, this video installation is a continuation in research on the potency of migrating narrative from one medium to another, cross-checking, uncovering and exploring meanings of things through their transformations as they bounce off the terrain of the real.

Starting from the iconification of the Wiesner Building as an untouchable art piece as well as the highly regarded CAVS Special Collection it houses, Majzoub projected Kenneth Noland’s ‘Here-There’ mural in the building’s lobby into its inevitable demise by staging its ruins. Plain on one side, each of the“fallen” panel’s backside had an engraved text exposing mythologies of art atMIT. After directly being disposed of by building facilities, Majzoub reinstalled the next day only to deinstall by direct order from the List and building  facilities.

‘Littering and Loitering’ documents the most recent step of the ruins claiming their territorial rights by transforming into dust in order to invisibly return to the lobby. It is displayed in Majzoub’s vitrined studio space at MIT as a 2-channel projection within ruins, dust on murals created using colors from the original Noland mural. The videos document a test for a slow motion dance party and the dance party itself, designed to disseminate dust created from the ruins within the lobby.


Title ········· Littering and Loitering

Medium ········· Video Installation

Context ······ Experimental Publication at MIT

Year ······ 2016