Projecting [the untouchable] Keneth Noland’s ‘Here-There’ mural in MIT’s Weisner Building lobby into its inevitable demise, Here-Then is a situation that invites the audience to participate in an excavation of the wall’s speculative ruins that stand in front of it.

It is a situation where present and future coexist to tell each other stories. Some of the colored strips are now on the floor, and on their backs are untold stories of art, science, the Weisner building and the CAVS archive it houses. 

Drawing similarities between the struggles for space found in letters in the CAVS archive and the current refugee crisis in Greece in its relationship to the EU, these untold stories collapse both time and geography to reveal subjective truths that could not be told otherwise. 

Otto Piene looks out to the shores of Lesvos as bodies from Vietnam and others from Turkey float towards the banks of the Charles River. Art will change the world.  

Here - Then was removed by building facilities and thrown in the trash. Evidence of the situation was presented at Harvard's Carpenter Center as Here - Then, Again featuring the full audio and text of the panel encryptions.


Title ········· Here-Then

Medium ········· Installation

Context ······ Experimental Publication at MIT

Language ······· English

Year ······· 2016