In this performance, Hekmat, a character born in Majzoub's first novel The Perfumed Garden: An Autobiography of Another Arab World writes postcards to the musical instruments of The Palestinian National Orchestra. The sound of his writing - the scratches of his pen on the postcard - are broadcasted live on Israeli radio by Centrale Fies. The postcards will be mailed to the orchestra's headquarters in Palestine the next day.

While the postcards may or may not be delivered to the headquarters as they pass through Israeli postal control and the radio broadcast may or may not be heard by anyone, mistaken for static or considered content that is not stimulating enough, this performance boosts individual agency in a state-controlled landscape.

Hekmat gains his potency from performance, a fictional character becoming himself in front of an audience of a festival in Europe. He becomes more powerful than his performer (Majzoub) whose citizenship does not allow him to exist in Palestine (either by travel, correspondence or broadcast).


Title ········· Hekmat, xx

Medium ········· Performance

Context ······ XXXVII ed. Drodesera-Supercontinent

Year ······· 2017