Created during my time at the Program in Art, Culture and Technology at MIT, this iteration of Hekmat, xx inserted the audience as voyeurs, leaking intimacies of a relationship between a fictional character and his writer.

For this performance, the spread corresponding to my work were “intentionally left blank” and instead, filled with 42 individual love letters starting with “Dear Raafat,” and signed “Hekmat, xx”. Upon entering the performance space, audience members are asked to open to that spread, and read when approached by the microphone.

Through the suppressions of their mother tongues with the “unifying” English language, Hekmat’s universe grew with every migrating accent, and his provocative words meant for intimate correspondence relived the trembling novelty of saying something out loud for the first time.


Title ········· Hekmat, xx

Medium ········· Participatory performance

Context ······ MIT

Language ······· English