Hekmat is a character born in the first manuscript of The Perfumed Garden—a mysterious character that is always driving. Hekmat is a force majeur. He escorts characters from different novels in one taxi ride. His unsolicited blurbs of wisdom diffuse conflicts before they happen. Hekmat is one of the least vividly described characters in The Perfumed Garden, yet most of the people that have read the manuscript identify with him quite tangibly.

Intrigued by his expression, and his potentiality in becoming the manifestation of The Perfumed Garden’s Fiction, I decided to explore him further through performance. Hekmat’s [political] power comes from the fact that he comes from fiction. While performing Hekmat, I possess fictional superpowers that he can conjure by simply existing outside the flaps of a book. With Hekmat, I squatted MIT and Galerie Ravenstein, I snuck into FM airwaves in Occupied Palestine and did other naughty things.  


Title ········· Hekmat

Medium ········· Performance, Derivative

Context ······ Vers

Year ······· b.2013