The Garden of Forgiveness (or How to own a land that can not be stolen) takes its name from another garden in the contested terrain of [renovated] downtown Beirut. More info on the original garden here.

With this iteration, commissioned by Kunsthalle3000 for the Beirut Dalieh, one of the city’s few public access points to the sea, I explore a form of secret reclamation initiated through my research at MIT with the Territorism project. The building blocks of the new Garden of Forgiveness are stones lacquered with ashes of an unpublished manuscript of The Perfumed Garden. These stones are arranged in the form of a new celestial constellation born in The Naked and called الحق (meaning Truth—and interpreted as Fiction in my practice). This invisible, ephemeral and secretly collective stone constellation protects the land like a physical talisman invisible to the police.


Title ········· Garden of Forgiveness

Medium ········· Public Installation

Context ······ Kunsthalle3000

Year ······· 2017