Raafat Majzoub portrait headshot.jpg

Raafat Majzoub (LB, 1986) positions his work at an intersection between politics, intimacy and futurecasting — exploring fiction as a tool for individual and collective agency and an arena to construct new worlds. He is the founding director of The Khan: The Arab Association for Prototyping Cultural Practices and Part-time Lecturer at the Architecture and Design Department at the American University of Beirut.

He is currently researching systems of ownership and labor while developing two infrastructural projects with The Khan;

The first is The Khan Collection, with a pilot round funded by Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy. The Khan collection is a co-owned institutional art collection, inviting unusual stakeholders to enter the economy of contemporary art for financial profit in return for their participation in The Khan’s experimental research platform.

The second project is streetschool, a proposal to publish new landscapes based on mutual learning on the street and to do so in such a way where we can unpack and specify notions of ‘access’, ‘free’ and ‘public’ material. The first streetschool proposal is a sculpture and documentary outlining the outcome and process of distributing an exhibition budget equally between the artist and craftsmen as a forensic game uncovering (and publishing) underlying currents of the streets of Tripoli, Lebanon.

Majzoub’s A Critique of Storytelling will be published online end of June 2019 on The Archive: Visual Culture in the Middle East hosted by the Lebanese American University in Beirut.